22k Golden Eye Serum Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Hyaluronic Acid Remover Dark Circles Against Puffiness And Bags

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Name:Golden Moisturizing Eye Serum

Net :10ml


Nourish and compact Revitalize and shine

Product Features:

from the essence of gold, replenish eye skin moisture and nutrition, revitalize the eye muscles, relieve dry and dehydrated skin problems, tighten the skin around the eyes, make the skin around the eyes moist and delicate, full of elasticity.


water、glycerin、betaine、methyl gluceth-20、xylitylglucoside、anhydroxylitol、xylitol、glucose、chondrus crispus (carrageenan) extract、siloxanetriol alginate、butylene glycol、caffeine、gold、carbomer、triethanolamine、xanthan gum、sodium hyaluronate、phenoxyethanol、propylene glycol、methylparaben、ethylparaben、ethylhexylglycerin、sodium methylparaben、sorbic acid、propylparaben、disodium edta、peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil、parfum、ci 19140、ci 16255

Usage Method:

1. After cleansing and toning, apply an appropriate amount of essence to the eye area after applying it to the eye area. 2. Gently massage until absorbed.

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Eye Serum

Effect 4

Against Puffiness And Bags

Effect 3

Remover Dark Circles

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22k Golden





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Eye Serum







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All skin

20 reviews for 22k Golden Eye Serum Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Hyaluronic Acid Remover Dark Circles Against Puffiness And Bags

    Benoît Cortot
    Thank you, everything is super, the seller put two probes as a gift
    Samirah Hood
    Serum is a liquid slightly viscous. The color is slightly yellowish with bright yellow larks. The product is perfectly distributed on the skin and quickly absorbed. Traces and stickiness does not leave. Immediately after application, the effect of smooth delicate skin. A little morning swelling removes.
    Marlen Akhmetov
    Golden moisturizing serum for eyes. In the composition of the serum there is gold. Serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the eye, restores the muscles of the eye, eliminates problems of dry and dehydrated skin, tightens the skin around the eyes, makes the skin around the eyes smooth and supple. The product is not greasy. Has a pleasant aroma. No pulverizer pipes inside. Here it is necessary to raise the bottom, through small holes from below. You can do this without a sharp end of the needle. I give preference to the serum, so this means for me is better than any cream.
    Gérald Courbet
    Silky serum with hyaluronic acid is saturated with many particles of 24-каратного gold, which carefully and deeply care for the delicate skin around the eyes. Thanks to a unique formula, the product performs a powerful nourishing and moisturizing function, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the severity of bags under the eyes. Special peptides, which are a powerful relaksant, contribute to increased production of collagen and elastin: mimic creases are less pronounced, wrinkles are smoothed, dull skin color and dark circles are no longer a problem. Hyaluronic acid, the second key component, keeps moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis, eliminating dehydration, and providing elasticity and healthy radiance. Serum is quickly absorbed, does not leave a feeling of stickiness, and 24-каратное gold, natural mineral, rejuvenates and aligns the color. The product is designed for the area around the eyes, but it is suitable for complex skin care.
    Fernand Aveline
    Serum 22K-gold. In tubes 10 ml. This serum reduces dryness around the eyes, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic. Use method: 1) clean the skin. 2) apply the serum under the eyes (a couple of drops for each eye) 3) Pat movements distribute the serum evenly until completely absorbed. Immediately after absorption, it is felt that the skin became more drink and tender. I liked the goods, I advise you to buy! It's been a month. Tracked all the way.
    Lelah Pelosi
    Delivery only 2 weeks, packed in air bag. The box itself was sealed with saliva. On it, I found all the necessary information about the timing, method of application, composition and brief information about the manufacturer. The serum is in a plastic bottle that has a dispenser. I used the serum only seven days and the result was satisfied)
    Armaan Ellison
    Беру сыворотку довольно часто, особенно как то получается у меня в летнее время. Наверно потому что она хорошо увлажняет кожу, насыщает влагой и хорошо питает, делает более эластичной. Снимает признаки сухой и обезвоженной кожи.
    Prudence Rodden
    A gentle moisturizing serum for the skin around the eyes is created specifically for restoration and moisturizing the skin. The action of the serum is aimed at reducing wrinkles, getting rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. The serum has a light texture, absorbed almost instantly.
    Tandy Hoyte
    У сыворотки очень нежная текстура, быстро впитывается, следов не оставляет. На мешки под глазами у меня она особо не повлияла, а вот увлажняет, действительно, замечательно. Ощущения после нанесения очень приятные, кожа выглядит превосходно. Частички золота в бутылочке присутствуют, выглядят очень симпатично)))
    Dieter Krist
    Serum is applied to the cleansed face. After applying the serum to the skin, it is absorbed, leaving no fat trace. The aroma of the serum is gentle, not strong, the consistency is pleasant, liquid, when applied to the skin does not roll down, absorbed well. Extrude the serum conveniently, dosed a little. The box was tightened in mica, the integrity of the package was not broken. On the brief instruction on use, composition and shelf life. Delivery to Omsk was carried out a month. The parcel came in a regular postal package. During transportation, nothing was damaged. Track number was tracked all the way.
    Demarcus Mcmullen
    Serum with hyaluronic acid and gold particles. Capacity 10 ml., bottle with dispenser. The liquid is transparent, thick. Absorbed quickly, does not create a feeling of stickiness. Well moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, removes dark circles, bags, swelling under the eyes.
    Adella Tarry
    Moisturizing serum for eyes with hyaluronic acid and gold particles. Packing: Box in mica and tube; delivery: 3 weeks; shelf life: up to 2022G. Consistency is not water and not jelly, rather something average, the serum itself is transparent with beautiful golden impregnations. Ingredients: Water, oatmeal, betaine, xylitol, glucose, Irish moss, sodium ointment, propyl glycol, gold, carbonmer, метилпарабен, caffeine, sorbic acid, sesame oil, flavoring. The product has an anti-antioxidant effect. Soothes the skin and improves microcirculation. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, you can apply to the entire face. It is very pleasant and not sticky. Convenient dispenser, easy pressing. It's a pity only the tube is very small, if you use twice a day quickly ends. Imponitates a beautiful feed, so nice to take in hands.
    Iside Casaletto
    The consistency is slightly oily. Absorbed very quickly. Serum has омолаживающее and moisturizing effect, returns the skin of the face softness and elasticity, has a smoothing effect. I'm delighted with this serum. Recommend to buy
    Kathi Okamura
    Отличная сыворотка, Хороший увлажняет кожу. Имеет приятную консистенцию
    Micael Montes
    Looks good! hopefully it will work! I will leave an additional feedback after i'll try it.
    Kemberly Roza
    Recived it today haven't used it yet
    Derrick Sclafani
    Delivery was not long, the remedy on the road did not suffer. The company box contains all the necessary information, including the volume (10 cm), mark cruelty free and shelf life in general and after the autopsy. The promised gold in the composition is noted, and in addition to it is also visible гиалуронка, caffeine extract of Irish Moss. Pump dispenser. I love these)) Serum is distributed easily and as easily and quickly absorbed, without residue! The skin moisturizes instantly! And very high quality. The product is designed to fight age problems, as well as eliminate bags under the eyes and neutralize dryness. I like the effect, so I continue to use it. As for me-a very decent product at an adequate price.
    Néo Lortie
    Good Serum. i like it very much. I really like the means with the addition of gold. The skin acquires a natural healthy radiance. Absorbed serum very quickly, particles of gold melt as soon as they get on the skin. The effect after the serum I really like. Use nice. The method of application, as always simple. Apply to cleansed skin with patting light movements and let it soak! Then you can apply your favorite cream. The product is convenient to use, it is in the form of a spray. I like to use serum overnight so that in the morning the skin is fresh when there is time to put in the morning. Serum in a bubble of 10 ml. Shelf life 3 years. The composition and method of application is indicated in the box, in English. Shipping fast.
    Chae Jiang
    V pořádku
    Moriya Masanobu
    Convenient serum. Well transforms visually the skin around the eyes: a healthy shine appears. Another convenient tube with a dispenser. I will definitely purchase more.

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